Care Instructions

Please read this page over as it has important details regarding your new artwork:

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We advise against hanging your glass piece with suction cup hooks. Either a sturdy nail, screw, or hook is recommended.

Artwork is intended for indoor use only.


Stained glass contains a percentage of lead. Although it’s only harmful when ingested, we recommend washing your hands after frequenting handling. Please wear gloves when cleaning or polishing your piece.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Over time, you may notice a naturally occurring oxidation on the solder. When you see what appears to be a white crust, you can clean and polish your piece.

Do not use Windex on stained glass as it contains ammonia. It will tarnish the artwork. The brand ‘Sprayway’ is a good substitution.

After cleaning, you can wipe your piece down with either paper towels or a microfiber cloth.

If your piece has SILVER solder lines: You can use steel wool and/or a magic eraser to buff out your piece. This is recommended before polishing, but is not necessary.

If your piece has BLACK/COPPER solder lines: Do not use steel wool, a magic eraser, or anything abrasive on your project. It will remove the patina. If you’d like, you can use q-tips and/or an old soft bristle tooth brush to clean deep curves or hand or reach spots.


Over time, your solder lines will need a refresher. Carnauba Wax (found in most car waxes) will bring back that shine! ‘Mothers’ or ‘Turtle Wax’ are popular brands. Please follow the directions on their packaging. Note that you will likely have to let the wax sit for a few hours before you buff it out.

Have any questions? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!